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fresh locationz now available

At YoBlendz we offer a fresh business concept with choice locations, a state-of-the-art retail environment and the freshest yogurt made by you. Customers and franchisees can’t get enough of our extensive and delicious flavors of self-serve yogurt and our vast array of toppings.


At YoBlendz, we discovered the perfect mix of fresh and fun for entrepreneurs interested in joining one of the fastest growing franchise categories. We utilize innovative management practices and imaginative marketing strategies to support the day-to-day operations of each location. We provide a variety of services and programs designed to help you increase your market share and are continually developing innovative products to enhance our already extensive line.

From the very start, franchisees benefit from the expertise of our franchise development team. Comprised of seasoned professionals, YoBlendz is committed to the continuing expansion, growth and success of our stores and franchise system.

YoBlendz® is Happy to introduce another franchise opportunity! with the YoBlendz® C-Store model, YoBlendz® 2Go, guests will rollow the brightly colored footsteps, where they accept the tasty invitation to make yourself happy® at the self-serve YoBlendz® 2Go section of their local gas station or convenience store. while customers enjoy a by-the-cup rate, investors enjoy low franchise fees and a flat annual royalty that’s as irresistible as our delicious frozen yogurt and fresh toppingz! with no sales reporting, larger consumer markets and an opportunity to really revive gas stations and convenience stores everywhere, this model is sure to significantly increase customer satisfaction! YoBlendz® 2Go, yet another way to make yourself happy®!

For franchisinq information, caIl us at 866.525.3639, or e-mail us at